Roasted for...

Posted by Josh Russell on

Roasting coffee is not as simple as good or bad. There are many different styles and ways to bring out different flavours in each coffee and one persons just right may be another's over or underdone. Although I run a slightly different roasting profile for each individual coffee I roast, I group them under "roasted for espresso" and "roasted for filter". Filter coffee as its become known as in Australia is basically any form of brewing like a pourover, aeropress or plunger. Where espresso is specifically for espresso machines. The differences in the roast profiles reflect the brew method and aim to bring out a balanced cup of coffee. 

This is screen shot of the same coffee roasted 2 different ways. Time along the bottom, temperature on the left and rate of rise on the right. The red line is my filter roast and the blue line the espresso roast. The wiggly descending line is the rate at which the temperature is rising. You can see I've been a bit more aggressive at the beginning of the filter roast and also finished at a lower temperature. This gives a more acidic coffee which is balanced out by the longer brew times without pressure. The espresso I've roasted slower to reduce that acidity which is intensified by the espresso machine. Of course you can also reduce this by brewing longer espresso shots but I prefer around a 1:2 ratio espresso with a little more body and mouthfeel. 

It's still good to experiment with espresso shot lengths and different extraction ratios for filter to get the most out of your coffee. Just remember, if you enjoy it then you're doing it right.