Certified Good

What is it? We made it up. Why? We wanted to explain why we buy and roast the coffees we do. Certifications are not bad, but in themselves not always the reason we buy coffee. So what makes good coffee? Flavour, sustainability, relationships, trust. Just because a producer doesn't have organic certification doesn't mean they aren’t using the best practices for their farm. A relationship with them says more than a stamp can. We trust our relationships, whether direct or through a coffee merchant, and ask you to trust us to buy and roast “good” coffee. We are a local business, and we’d love to chat with you about it anytime.  

I guess it can be summed up as, good taste, good people, good times.

Sundays aim is to - 

  • Build strong relationships that positively affect people's lives. 
  • Develop uncompromising quality in every aspect of our business. 
  • Keep our integrity throughout. 

Coffee should be enjoyable and we are all about making it that.